• PRACE Project Access-14th Call for Proposals

  • The PRACE 14th Call for Proposals for Project Access was open until 21 November 2016, 10:00 CET. The Terms of Reference can be found here. The Technical Guidelines for Applicants can be found here. PRACE systems that were available in this Call:

    System Architecture Site (Country) Core Hours Node Hours
    Curie Bull Bullx cluster GENCI@CEA (FR) 113 million 7 million
    Hazel Hen Cray XC40 System GCS@HLRS (DE) 57 million 2.4 million
    Juqueen IBM BlueGene/Q system GCS@JSC (DE) 350 million 4.6 million
    Marconi Lenovo System CINECA (IT) 630 million (KNL)

    35 million (Broadwell)

    9.2 million

    1 million

    MareNostrum IBM System X iDataplex BSC (ES) 316 million 7 million
    Piz Daint Cray XC30 System CSCS (CH) 476 million 7 million
    SuperMUC IBM System X iDataplex/ Lenovo NextScale GCS@LRZ (DE) 30 million (SuperMUC 1)

    14 million (SuperMUC 2)

    1.9 million

    0.5 million