• PRACE Project Access – 4th Call for Proposals

  • PRACE Project Access – 4th call for proposals for Tier-0 and synchronized Call for Tier-1.

    This Call was open from 2 November 2011 until 10 January 2012, at 16:00 CET

    Six Tier-0 machines were available

    • IBM Blue Gene/P “JUGENE” (GCS@Jülich, Germany)
    • Bull Bullx cluster “CURIE” (GENCI@CEA, France)
    • Cray XE6 “HERMIT” (GCS@HLRS, Germany)
    • SuperMUC (GCS@LRZ, Germany)
    • MareNostrum (BSC, Spain)
    • FERMI (CINECA, Italy)

    1136 million core hours on 5 Tier-0 machines were made available by PRACE hosting members. PRACE received 78 applications requesting 1.927 million core hours. The peer review process for the project applications allocated 1134 million core hours to 43 proposals. For the Press Release go here or here

    The Call for Proposals can be found here

    The Tier-1 HPC systems were available from: Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Sweden, The Netherlands, Serbia, Switzerland, Turkey, and United Kingdom.