PRACE Annual Report 2015

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The PRACE 2015 Annual Report was made available at PRACEdays16

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Marjolein Oorsprong – PRACE Communications Officer


Michael Lysaght, ICHEC
Florian Berberich, FZ Jülich
Jussi Enkovaara, CSC
Giovanni Erbacci, CINECA
Stelios Erotokritou, CaSToRC – CyI
Renata Gimenez, BSC
Emma Hogan, ICHEC
Silke Lang, PRACE Communications Assistant
Sebastian Lührs, FZJ
Philippe Segers, GENCI
Alan Simpson, EPCC
Richard Tavares, PRACE Peer Review Officer
Veronica Teodor, FZ Jülich
Jules Wolfrat, SURFsara

Proof Reading

Frances Smolinski, Insight Publishers

Success Story Editors

Harry O’Neill, Insight Publishers

Graphic Design

Crystal Mather, Insight Publishers

Published by Insight Publishers, Bristol, UK


Published: May 2016
ISBN: 9789082169447

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