BSc in Computational Engineering Science, RWTH Aachen University, Germany

Education opportunity: BSc

Academic institution: RWTH Aachen University

Country: Germany

Title: Computational Engineering Science

Short description:
The challenge of this interdisciplinary subject is the mathematical presentation and modelling of relevant questions. If this is achieved, technical solutions can be developed, tested, and optimized using computers.

Specialists in Computational Engineering Science receive an interdisciplinary education at RWTH. They acquire expertise in mechanical engineering, simulation technology, computer science, and mathematics.

After broad fundamental studies students concentrate on one of six career fields:

  • Energy technology and process engineering teaches skills about the development, operation, analysis, and improvement of processes concerning the conversion of energy and matter. Simulations ensure that these processes can be efficiently designed.
  • In computer science students are occupied with the implementation of (high performance) computers to solve simulation problems in engineering.
  • Mathematics targets the development of mathematical models and numerical processes, which make it possible to abstract a problem and solve it with the help of a computer.
  • In materials science students acquire an insight into the discovery, development, manufacture, and use of innovative materials.
  • The field of mechanical systems uses fundamental methods and approaches to theoretical modelling, numerical simulation, and experimental validation, and is applied in all engineering disciplines.
  • Flow and combustion offers in insight into the development of internal combustion engines and power plant components. A special focus is put on fluid- and combustion-technical optimization.

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