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    PRACE 20th Call for Proposals for Project Access is open, please read further details here.

    PRACE provides HPC resources to researchers and scientists from academia and industry through Preparatory Access (code scaling and optimization) and/or through Project Access (large-scale, computationally intensive projects). SMEs are invited to make use of the tailored SHAPE programme, which will help them overcome barriers to the adoption of HPC in their business model.

    There are currently no open Calls for Proposals for Project Access.

    Click here to go to the Project Access page.

    The Call for Proposals for PRACE Preparatory Access is a continuously open call with cut-off dates every 3 months. Click here to go to the Preparatory Access page.

    Below, applicants to PRACE Calls for Proposals, can find more information on:

    • The schedule of the PRACE Calls for Proposals
    • The detailed Terms of Reference for currently open Calls
    • The resources available
    • How to apply
    • Where to submit an application
    • Whom to contact for further information

    -Where to find more information?

    Before submitting an application, please read:

    -When to apply?

    The schedule for the PRACE Calls for Proposals differs per call type (Preparatory Access and Project Access). Please refer to the pages on those types of access for the most recent schedule.

    Please note: The dates in these schedules are a pre-announcement and may need to be adjusted due to unforeseen circumstances. The schedules published on these pages supersede all previously released schedules for PRACE Calls for Proposals.

    -Where to submit your application?

    Applications to PRACE Calls for Proposals have to be submitted via the online PRACE Peer Review Tool

    -Whom to contact for more information?

    The PRACE Peer Review Team is available for questions via peer-review[at]prace-ri.eu

    For technical questions, about the capability of and software installed on PRACE systems, please visit PRACE Resources which includes contact details for each HPC system.