Call for code developers to access new Power9 + Nvidia v100 BSC machine

BSC has a new cluster with the most advanced technology using Power9 processors and NVIDIA V100 GPUS, the technical characteristics are the following:

54 nodes, each of them:

  • 2 x IBM Power9 8335-GTG @ 2.0GHz (20 cores and 4 threads/core)
  • 512GB of main memory distributed in 16 dimms x 32GB @ 2666MHz
  • 2 x SSD 1.9TB as local storage
  • 2 x 3.2TB NVME–4 x GPU NVIDIA V100 (Volta) with 16GB HBM2.
  • Single Port Mellanox EDR

BSC has opened a call for software developers who want to test this new architecture. If  you are interested, please contact at with the following information

Personal information for the applicant
Code name
Part of the development done by your team
which is your interest for the test of P9+V100 architecture
planning of executions to be done in the machine.

if your petition is accepted BSC will grant you access to the system and you will work in close cooperation with the BSC HPC User support team in order to test and benchmark your code in the new architecture. The performance results obtained for the codes will be published by BSC as a result of the accepted projects.