PRACE 13th Call for Proposals includes new Marconi system

The 30 awarded projects are led by principal investigators from 9 different European countries. This Call also welcomed scientists and researchers from Argentina, Mexico and USA as collaborators in several projects. PRACE Hosting Member CINECA is pleased to offer for the first time core hours on their new Tier-0 system Marconi, composed of 2 partitions, one based on Intel Broadwell processors and one based on Intel KNL many-core processors. This system will complement the Tier-0 system MareNostrum hosted by BSC (Spain).

Six overall scientific domains are represented: 8 projects are linked to the fields of Biochemistry, Bioinformatics and Life Sciences; 6 to Chemistry; 2 to Earth System Sciences; 6 to Engineering; 4 to Fundamental Physics; and 4 to Universe Sciences.

The largest allocation under the 13th Call is the project entitled Sheared turbulent thermal convection led by Prof. Roberto Verzicco from the Universita di Roma (Italy). The project received 82.9 million core hours on Marconi – KNL @ CINECA, Italy. It also receives support from the FOM program 142 “Towards Ultimate Turbulence” and via a FOMShell CSER grant.

A number of awards under the 13th Call support research which has also been identified as excellent by other European grant- awarding bodies.

One PRACE-awarded project is linked to the FET Graphene Flagship program: SMoG – Simulation driven Morphing of supported led by Dr. Valentina Tozzini. The project received 20.5 million core hours on Marconi – KNL @CINECA, Italy.

One PRACE-awarded project is linked to the EC-Earth Consortium and the Data SPHINX (DATA Storage and Preservation of HIgh resolutioN climate eXperiments) – EUDAT Data Pilot Project: Climate SPHINX reloaded led by Dr. Jost von Hardenberg. The project received 10.1 million core hours on Marconi-Broadwell @CINECA, Italy.

Under the 13th Call PRACE also awarded resources to 2 EC FET Flagship programmes, 6 ERC and 2 Marie-Curie-funded projects, 9 allocations are linked to FP7 and H2020 projects, while 11 other projects receive grants under various national programmes.

All information and the abstracts of the projects awarded under the 13th PRACE Call for Proposals can be found here:

The 13th Call for Proposals for PRACE Project Access (Tier-0) opened 7 March until 1 April (noon) 2016. Selected proposals will receive allocations to PRACE resources from September 2016 to September 2017.


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