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Scientific Talk


Understanding of the molecular basis of the decoding process in prokaryotic and eukaryotic ribosomal A-sites.

ID: 2016163845, Leader: Modesto Orozco, Country: ES

Glob15km - Global 15km coupled climate simulations

ID: 2016163939, Leader: Virginie Guemas, Country: ES

SIDEX - SIze DEpendence of the EXcitonic properties of MoS2 nanoribbons from many-body perturbation theory

ID: 2016163879, Leader: Pino D'Amico, Country: IT

PETMOI - Photo- and electrocatalysis at transition metal oxide interfaces

ID: 2016163953, Leader: Daniel Opalka, Country: DE

FIRELES: FInite-Rate chEmistry modeling for Large-Eddy Simulation of turbulent reactive flows in realistic geometries

ID: 2016163999, Leader: Vincent Moureau, Country: FR

NANOMETALS - Atomically precise, ligand-sabilized, silver-based nanoclusters in the metallic limit

ID: 2016163905, Leader: Hannu Hakkinen, Country: FI


ID: 2016163898, Leader: Eliseo Ruiz, Country: ES

A unified unified computational protocol for QCD nuclei

ID: 2016163877, Leader: Alessandro Lovato, Country: IT


ID: 2016163881, Leader: Enrico Bodo, Country: IT

PlaJet - Mixing enhancement for plasma-controlled turbulent jets

ID: 2016163847, Leader: Sylvain Laizet, Country: UK