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Scientific Talk


Multiscale simulations of Cosmic Reionization

ID: 2018184382, Leader: Ilian Iliev, Country: GB

Platinum Reaction Observed by Monte-Carlo for Insight into Sustainable Energy. (PROMISE).

ID: 2018184349, Leader: Philip Hoggan, Country: FR

ESECELS - Electromagnetic Simulations of Extremely Complex and Electrically Large Structures

ID: 2018184436, Leader: Franco Moglie, Country: IT

SENT_TO_NY - Study of CovEred and functioNalized Tio2 nanostrucTures: the role Of maNy-bodY

ID: 2018184435, Leader: Ivan Marri, Country: IT

DNS4ICE - DNS for modelling highly diluted and multi-fuel combustion in internal combustion engines

ID: 2018184407, Leader: Karine Truffin, Country: FR

MALEDRAG - Machine Learning Optimisation for Drag Reduction in a Turbulent Boundary Layer

ID: 2018184381, Leader: Sylvain Laizet, Country: UK

Realistic cerebellar multi scale network reconstruction

ID: 2018184373, Leader: Egidio D'Angelo, Country: IT

MICNA - Mechanisms of ion conduction in sodium channels

ID: 2018184455, Leader: Carmen Domene, Country: UK

MFDUSTY - Multi-fluid dust dynamics in protoplanetary disks

ID: 2018184398, Leader: Turlough Downes, Country: IE

DFCS - Disentangling Degrees of Freedom by Computing Susceptibilities for Strongly Correlated Systems

ID: 2018184424, Leader: Mark van Schilfgaarde, Country: UK