Project: LiLiPlaTE - Light Limited Plankton Population Dynamics in a Turbulent Environment

Prace Call: 17th
ID: 2018184418, Leader: Filippo De Lillo
Affiliation: Università di Torino, IT
Research Field: Engineering
Collaborators: Matteo Borgnino Università di Torino IT , Francesco Toselli Università di Torino IT , Guido Boffetta Università di Torino IT
Resource Awarded: 15 Mil. core hours on Marconi - Broadwell


This project will investigate the population dynamics of phytoplankton in turbulence in conditions when light can be considered as the limiting factor for growth. We will study how the classic picture (due to Sverdrup) of a critical depth of the mixed layer and its extensions and generalizations are modified when the intense fluctuations typical of turbulent flows are taken into consideration. Extensive, high resolution numerical simulations will be performed to clarify how shading, growth and cell buoyancy interact with turbulence to determine the ability of a phytoplankton population to thrive and outperform competing species.