Project: IFs/RFs-RC

Prace Call: 17th
ID: 2018184467, Leader: Maria Ramos
Affiliation: University of Oporto, PT
Research Field: BiochemistryBioinformatics and Life sciences
Collaborators: Pedro Fernandes University of Oporto PT , Ana Oliveira University of Oporto PT
Resource Awarded: 15 Mil. core hours on MareNostrum


The bacterial ribosome is an important drug target because of its role in protein synthesis. Stop codon-specific release factors (RFs) bind to the ribosome and catalyse poplypeptide release to terminate translation. However, to date there are no small-molecule inhibitors of bacterial protein synthesis that specifically target RFs. Ana Oliveira and et al. have demonstrated that the function of release factor 2 (RF2) could be directly inhibited in the translation cycle. Starting from in silico characterization of the receptor, virtual screening, they identified two novel inhibitors that killed the bacteria by interacting directly with RF2. Furthermore, we would like to determine if the bacterial Initiation Factor 2 also exhibits druggable properties and characterize the two receptors to develop new drug-like compounds that exhibit antibiotic properties.