CaSToRC – Computation-based Science and Technology Research Center, The Cyprus Institute

The Cyprus Institute is a non-profit research and educational institution with scientificand technological focus. It is issue-oriented, emphasizing international collaborationsand cross-disciplinary research and education; the building blocks of its developmentare research centers that address challenging problems both at the regional andinternational levels. The research centers will be followed with the establishment of agraduate and undergraduate college. The Institute operates under the aegis of theCyprus Research and Educational Foundation (CREF), which is governed by a Boardof Trustees comprising leading personalities of the international academic, politicaland business world. The Government of Cyprus has been generous in its support ofthe Cyprus Institute, viewing its establishment and advancement as important to itsoverall policy of transforming Cyprus into a regional centre for research andeducation and in implementing the EU-Lisbon strategy.

The Computation based Science and Technology Research Centre (CaSToRC), thethird research centre launched by the Cyprus Institute, is developed in closepartnership with the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) of theUniversity of Illinois. The center has also signed a collaboration agreement with JSCin April 2009. It is geared to become a regional HPC center for the EasternMediterranean starting with the installation of a Tier-2 machine in the tens ofTeraflop/s scale in mid-2010, to be followed by a Tier-1 system in the hundreds ofTeraflop/s range in 2013. The regional role of CaSToRC is being implemented withinan FP7 support project creating a user community base of its operation in 2010.CaSToRC has started educational related activities by coordinating an ATLANTISproject that aims to attract young talents to education in Simulation Sciences. In mid2010 a series of HPC training events in the Eastern Mediterranean region (includingEgypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria) are planned and a computational sciencePhD program will start in 2010 in collaboration with the University of Illinois.CaSToRC is collaborating with the University of Cyprus (UCY), the leading researchUniversity in Cyprus, in Computer Science, Physics and Bio-informatics. CaSToRChas started activities in Lattice QCD complementing the group at UCY, programmingon GPUs and acceleration technologies, visualization of climate data and culturalheritage and data repositories for climate data and cultural heritage.

In PRACE-1IP CaSToRC will participate in dissemination, outreach and trainingactivities targeting in particular the Eastern Mediterranean region. It will host aPRACE workshop open also to scientists in the region. It will develop a crossdisciplinarygroup on algorithms and multi-core programming in conjunction with thecreation of a Joint Simulation Lab with JSC in Lattice QCD, to achieve advanced usersupport for the regional HPC communities With the deployment in 2010 of aJUROPA-like cluster with inhomogeneous nodes, including GPU accelerators we willcontribute, in close collaboration with JSC, to prototype research in future clustertechnology, thus preparing for the JSC and CaSToRC 2013 procurements in theLeadership Class. With the knowhow from our current 16 node NVidia Cluster, weshall participate in the evaluation of CUDA and OpenCL software, on our GPUenhancedsystems.

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