CSC – IT Center for Science Ltd.

CSC – IT Center for Science Ltd is a state owned company, administered by theMinistry of Education. CSC is the largest national center supporting research andeducation in Northern Europe with a staff exceeding 170 (2009). CSC provides highperformance computing, modelling, software development, information and datamanagement services for academia, research institutes, public sector and industry.CSC has a wide selection of scientific software and databases and runssupercomputers. CSC is very active in data management and maintains the FinnishUniversity and Research Network.

CSC’s major contributions are in WP3 (Dissemination and training), WP4 (End UserRelations) and in WP7 (Petascale Applications). CSC has a strong communicationsteam, which led the dissemination in the PRACE project and will handle the task inthe present project. CSC runs a broad curriculum of courses for national andinternational participants which provides the basis for coordinating the training in theproject. CSC is a deputy leader of WP4 and leads one of the tasks, which is directedto propose solutions for pan-European Tier 1 level access. CSC has an experiencedHPC programming team, was a task coordinator in PRACE WP6, which wasresponsible for application enabling, and is also involved in other national andEuropean HPC projects. CSC participates actively in other WP’s too.

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Map of Otaniemi area
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CSC’s main building
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CSC’s main entrance
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