• DECI (Tier-1) Access

  • The Distributed European Computing Initiative (DECI) is designed for projects requiring access to resources not currently available in the PI’s own country and whose projects do not require resources on the very largest (Tier-0) European Supercomputers or very large computational allocations.

    DECI is a resource exchange programme where resources are provided by a subset of PRACE members and awarded via the juste retour principle. This means that projects from each contributing country will in total receive at least 70% of the amount of resources contributed to DECI by the PI’s own country but will be allocated to a machine with an architecture and set up which best matches the needs of that project (on occasions projects may be placed on a machine within the PI’s own country). The remaining time (up to 30%) is reserved for projects from countries which are not providing resources to the call.

    Under the PRACE projects, DECI has been integrated into the PRACE ecosystem of HPC facilities and services. In order to provide seamless access to users, PRACE took over the organisation, operation and dissemination of DECI scientific results.