DEISA PRACE Symposium 2010 (May 10-12, 2010)

- Montserrat Torné, Director General for International Cooperation and Institutional Relations, Ministry of Science and Innovation, Spain, “Conclusions of the European Conference on RI and influence on HPC”

- Kostas Glinos, Head of Unit, DG INFSO, European Commission, “HPC – from a European Perspective”

- José Muñoz, Acting Director, Office of CyberInfrastructure, National Science Foundation, US, “High-Performance Computing and the Cyberinfrastructure Eco-System”

- Akira Ukawa, Vice President, University of Tsukuba, Japan, “The Next-Generation Supercomputer Project and the Future of High End Computing in Japan”

- Thomas Zacharia, Deputy Director, ORNL, Department of Energy, US, “ExascaleComputing Initiative”

- Catherine Rivière, GENCI, France, European Exascale Software Project EESI, “European Exascale Software Initiative”

- Thomas Eickermann, FZJ, Germany, “PRACE Implementation Phase”

- Hermann Lederer, RZG, Germany, “DEISA Extreme Computing”

- Wolfgang Hillebrandt, MPI for Astrophysics, Germany, “Modelling Cosmic Explosions” (Astrophysics)

- Thomas Schulthess, ETHZ & CSCS, Switzerland, “Ab initio Calculation of Free Energies in Nanoscale Systems” (Materials Science)

- Jose Maria Baldasano, Earth Sciences Dep, BSC, Spain, “Earth System Modeling Framework: Computation+Data” (Earth Sciences)

- Laurent Villard, EPFL, Switzerland, “HPC Simulations of Magnetic Fusion Plasmas” (Fusion for Energy)

- Ivo Gut, Centro Nacional de Analisis Genomico, Spain, “Informatic Issues of Genomics” (Life Sciences)

- Richard Kenway, University of Edinburgh, UK, “Solving the Mysteries of Quarks” (Particle Physics / QCD)

- Roel Verstappen, The Netherlands, “Regularizing isotropic turbulence” (Engineering)

- Jesus Labarta, BSC, Spain, “Programming models and tools”

- Ana Bela Dias, NCF, The Netherlands, “Access to PRACE systems”

- Herbert Huber, LRZ, Germany, “Emerging and future technologies”

- Peter Coveney, University College London, UK, Shantenu Jha, Louisiana State University, US, “Towards Accurate and Precise Patient-specific Treatment Using Large-Scale Free Energy Calculations”

- Marco Bernasconi, Università Milano Bicocca, Milano, Italy, “Ab-initio study of GeSbTe phase change alloys” (Materials Science)

- Stefan Gottloeber, Astrophysical Institute Potsdam, Germany, “The Small Scale Structure of the Universe” (Astrophysics)

- Philip Eric Hoggan, CNRS, France, “Slater Type Orbital Project for Quantum monte carlo large molecule simulations” (Molecular Quantum Chemistry / QMC)

- Patrick Joeckel, DLR, Germany, “Coupling the Chemistry in Earth System Models on multiple Scales” (Earth Sciences)

- Vassilis Theofilis, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain, “Global instability Analysis of Turbulent Separated flows” (Engineering)

- Sandor Katz, Department of Theoretical Physics, Eötvös University, Hungary, “Lattice QCD thermodynamics with improved dynamica
l fermions”
(Particle Physics / QCD)