EPSRC – The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council

The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) is a nondepartmentalpublic body of the UK and is the main UK Government agency forfunding research, training and knowledge transfer in engineering and the physicalsciences. EPSRC invests around £790 million a year in a broad range of subjects –from mathematics to material sciences, and from information technology to structuralengineering. EPSRC operates to meet the needs of industry and society by workingin partnership with universities to invest in people and scientific discovery andinnovation. The knowledge and expertise gained, maintains a technological leadingedge, builds a strong economy and improves people’s quality of life. EPSRC’s workis complementary to other research investors including other research councils,government agencies, industry and the European Union. EPSRC acts as themanaging agent for a consortium of the UK Research Councils, for co-ordinating andprocuring High Performance Computing (HPC) services for academic research in theUK.

EPSRC has experience in developing the strategic direction for support of high-endcomputing infrastructure for UK academic researchers, managing accessarrangements to HPC services, the procurement of HPC services such as theHECToR service and promoting the widespread use of such services. While EPSRCis directly participating in WP2, it will provide financial support to UK research groupsat the University of Edinburgh (EPCC) and STFC (Daresbury) to enable them toparticipate in the technical work packages of PRACE.

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