EUDAT Call for Data Pilots

EUDAT offers common data services, supporting multiple research communities as well as individuals, through a geographically distributed, resilient network of 35 European organisations. These shared services and storage resources are distributed across 15 European nations and data is stored alongside some of Europe’s most powerful supercomputers. Covering both access and deposit, from informal data sharing to long-term archiving, and addressing identification, discoverability and computability of both long-tail and big data, EUDAT’s services address the full lifecycle of research data.

EUDAT invites research communities and research infrastructures to test, integrate and/or further develop, in close collaboration with the EUDAT consortium, one or multiple components of the EUDAT service suite through concrete data collaboration pilots. EUDAT offers data management solutions, storage resources, and consortium expertise to:

  • support multi-national research communities and research infrastructures to  identify solutions to their data challenges in close collaboration with EUDAT
  • work with and support global research data standardization of initiatives such as RDA, and
  • further develop existing EUDAT services & identify new ones

Data deposited onto EUDAT resources will be available through different interfaces, including GridFTP and HTTP, and maintained as near as possible to processing facilities required by the community, to facilitate further usage and transmission. In addition EUDAT offers training and consultancy services to support the data pilot teams, visibility and storage resources. Pilots can avail of EUDAT data storage from the start of the pilot, free of charge, and up to 5PB in total at one, or several, of the 13 EUDAT sites. EUDAT will promote and disseminate the data pilots to a broad range of stakeholders offering considerable visibility opportunities. Solutions building on general research data management approaches such as proposed by the Research Data Alliance (RDA) will be favourably viewed. EUDAT will match all effort with a corresponding amount (1 PM Pilot Team = 1 PM EUDAT).

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