A few samples of what the EuroZone@SC18 has to offer:

PRACE – Mini-presentation schedule

ATOS – Exhibit of BullSequana HPC products and solutions and Quantum Learning Machine. Exhibitor Forum: “Seeking quantum supremacy with numerical simulation”

BSC – Presentation of BSC tools 

CSCS – Exhibits of latest HPC developments at CSCS and Switzerland. And Swiss chocolate!

DKRZ – Ultra scale climate simulations on display

ETP4HPC – BoF on “Consolidating the European Exascale Effort”

European Exascale projects – Displays on Mont-Blanc 3, Mont-Blanc 2020, Sage, Sage 2, Mont-Blanc prototype blade with Arm processors.

GEANT – Full schedule of demos and presentations  

ICM – Demos and Students Cluster Competition 

JSC – Presentations and demos

STFC – Demos displays and a Raspberry Pi cluster

SURF SARA – VR demos, posters, presentations

ZIH – Live demonstrations of performance analysis software