EXDCI: Call for Proposals for project spin-off

Following EXDCI-findings through dialog with HPC centres, large companies, SMEs and startups, EXDCI-2 aims to conduct a pilot action that will address the transition gap between the results of a HPC R&I project and a (successful) market product.

This pilot action builds on the idea to create “project spin-off” that could start during the lifetime of an R&I project and survive its end. The spin-off would gather a subset of the project partners strongly engaged in the economic assessment – and potentially later on – the productization and commercialization of a high potential technical outcome of an European R&I project.

This idea will be experimented with the FET HPC projects for one pilot action.
Please read further information under: https://exdci.eu/hpc-spin-support

The Deadline is extended until 17 September 2019, 17:00 (Brussels time).