Expert Registration

The PRACE Peer Review Team is continuously looking for experts!

PRACE provides HPC resources to researchers and scientists from academia and industry through Preparatory Access (code scaling and optimization) and/or through Project Access (large-scale, computationally intensive projects). SMEs are invited to make use of the tailored SHAPE programme, which will help them overcome barriers to the adoption of HPC in their business model.

Time on PRACE Tier-0 systems is allocated via Calls for Proposals and an open peer review process involving high-level independent experts from very diverse (and often small) scientific communities. As a strict non-conflict of interest policy is applied, we need to continuously enlarge our expert base and your profile is very interesting for us.

External reviewers must be internationally recognised experts in their field, normally scientists at Associate or Full Professor level and at least 2 years beyond the postdoctoral level. Emphasis on interdisciplinary scientists with a demonstrated track-record in HPC is encouraged.

We kindly invite you to register as a PRACE expert by filling-out the form attached below and send it back to peer-review[at]

There are two Calls for Proposals for Project Access per year. Scientific excellence is the basis of proposals assessment. As a registered expert, you will support the remote evaluation (online review).

You will be asked to inform us, by return mail, of:

  • your availability during the requested period; and
  • your ability/inability to perform the work assigned to you, depending on possible conflicts of interests and/or your expertise

Experts acting as external reviewers will be entitled to a fee of € 150 in the form of a lump sum for each proposal duly reviewed.

If you are selected as an external reviewer, PRACE will inform you of the proposal(s) assigned to you, via e-mail. You will be able to access the proposal(s) via the dedicated PRACE Peer Review Portal at The review report must be filled-in online within 21 working days.

Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us via peer-review[at]

Looking forward to hearing from you, we thank you in advance for considering to become a PRACE expert.