First EUDAT conference takes place in Barcelona 22nd – 24th October 2012

The first EUDAT conference will be held in Barcelona on 22nd – 24th October 2012. The conference will bring together data infrastructure providers and users from around the globe to discuss current data infrastructure challenges and solutions, with a focus on interoperability, cross-disciplinarity and cross-border collaboration.

The speakers include Bob Kahn – Chairman, CEO and President of the Corporation for National Research Initiatives (CNRI), Walter Stewart – a top independent advisor on collaborative research data in Canada, Bernard F. Schutz – Director of the Astrophysical Relativity Department at the Albert Einstein Institute (Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics), Kostas Glinos – Head of the e-Infrastructures Unit at the European Commission, and Kimmo Koski – Managing Director of CSC.

The conference will be a unique opportunity for users of research data to learn about the services being developed by EUDAT and the potential benefits of using these services, with concrete demonstrations from research communities and data centres involved in the project.

Some of the highlights of the conference will include the ESFRI cluster initiatives (ENVRI, DASISH, Biomedbridges, and CRISP) coming together to present the common solutions being developed in their field, as well as the challenges they are aiming to overcome, and the final day of the conference will focus on issues relevant for truly global world-wide data infrastructures.

In addition to the keynote talks and presentations, which take place on 23rd and 24th October, there will be a day of training on 22nd October, offering two different tracks. There will be a series of general tutorials for researchers, demonstrating the advantages of using the EUDAT services. There will also be more detailed technical tutorials for people within the research communities who are responsible for setting up, configuring and running data infrastructures that could interact with EUDAT infrastructure and services.

More information about EUDAT and the conference, including the registration procedure, is available at:

About EUDAT:
EUDAT is a European initiative working towards the establishment of a Collaborative Data Infrastructure (CDI) that will meet the future needs of researchers and make it possible to perform cross-disciplinary science research in a sustainable way. The EUDAT project is co-funded by the EC FP7 and coordinated by the CSC – IT Center for Science, Finland. EUDAT comprises 25 European partners, including data centres, technology providers, research communities and funding agencies from 13 countries.

Kimmo Koski, EUDAT Project Coordinator: (Kimmo.Koski (at)
Peter Wittenburg, EUDAT Scientific Coordinator: (Peter.Wittenburg (at)
Damien Lecarpentier, EUDAT Project Manager: (Damien.Lecarpentier (at)

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