PRACE Game Corner

PRACE has created games as part of its outreach activities. These games are Mars Mania and Shooting Stars. Shooting Stars was created within the context of the PRACE “Dare to Think the Impossible” outreach campaign, while Mars Mania draws upon the work on Vlasiator.

These games are used in public events and science fairs around Europe to explain the power of supercomputers to younger audiences and can also be installed on smartphones for personal enjoyment.

Let the Mars Mania begin!

The game is created around the popular idea of sending and guiding a probe to Mars and avoiding obstacles and unpredictable space weather conditions. For more information

Shooting Stars

Shooting Stars is a physics puzzle game where you get to control the planets of a star system. Simulate orbiting planets and gravitational forces in the searing heat of the sun. See how many planets you can keep in orbit. Test your skills in many ways, with different scenarios that give you a taste of the world of supercomputer simulation PRACE offers. For more information

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