GRNET – Greek Research and Technology Network S.A.

GRNET S.A. was created in 1998 under the auspices of the Ministry of Development– General Secretariat of Research and Development in order to provide high qualityInternet services to the Greek research and academic community. GRNET S.A.represents Greece in the GEANT pan-European network, which offers high speedand high quality services to the European research and academic community. Incomputational infrastructures, GRNET was S.A. was responsible for the HellasGridproject (2004 – 2009), which created the first and biggest grid infrastructure inGreece.

GRNET is one of the core participants of EGEE (Enabling Grids for eScience inEurope) where it represents 7 countries of the SEE region,and runs the Regional Operations Centre for South-East Europe. It coordinates SEEGRID-SCI project for Grid user communities’ engagement in SEE; GRNET is ageneral partner of the PRACE initiative and participated actively in the PRACEproject providing contributions to the organizational and governance, disseminationand training, as well as the benchmarking activities of the project.

GRNET will participate and contribute to dissemination and training, HPC ecosystemrelations, technical operation, petascaling, support for procurement and futuretechnologies.

Under the HellasGrid National Grid Initiative GRNET has signedcooperation agreements with 24 leading research and academic institutes, whichhave shown significant experience in the area of high performance computing.AUTH, ICCS, IASA and UPAT are among those cooperating institutes, and willprovide their efforts and expertise to the project requirements.

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