High Performance Computing as a Service is a new technological paradigm that emerged recently in the context of the hype of Cloud Computing. The HPC Centre from West University of Timisoara, specialized in distributed and parallel computing, as well as artificial intelligence, adopted this paradigm to fulfill its aim to enter in the category of competitive European HPC providers.

The goal of the HOST project from FP7-RegPot Programme of the European Commission is the transformation of this centre in the following new directions:

  • To widen the research and development knowledge and experience of its team in HPC services and their applications;
  • To raise the number of users of the services of the HPC centre;
  • To achieve the status of a regional supercomputing centre and stakeholder in national and international e-Infrastructure initiatives;
  • To become a centre for supporting innovation and regional development.

The action plan to reach this goal includes strong collaborations with European stakeholders in HPC, upgrades of the e-infrastructure, employment of experienced researchers, as well as the organization of scientific events.

The next scientific event, an Workshop on HPC for Scientific Problems, will be organized in September 2013, and the submission period is open until 31 July 2013.