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If your organisation wants to become a Member of PRACE, please contact the PRACE Board of Directors: bod (at)

Information for Applicants to PRACE aisbl
February 10, 2011

In its Internal Regulation Nr. 3, approved by the PRACE aisbl Council on January 25, 2011, the criteria and process for the admittance o adhering members of PRACE aisbl are described. This document is intended to provide possible candidates with all required information about this process.

1. Eligibility for becoming a member

A candidate for a membership in the Association must meet eligibility criteria which are defined in the Statutes (in Article 6.1) of the PRACE aisbl:a. It is a legal person, either public or private.b. The country of its origin is not yet represented in the Association.c. The country of its origin is a member of the European Union of an associated country as described in article 2014 of the European Union Treaty.

2. Criteria of the admittance as member

A candidate for a membership in the Association must be identified, appointed and supported as the entity in charge of the management and/or coordination of the provision of HPC services for its country of origin by a formal declaration of the government to that effect. In detail, the candidate shall provide the evidence for meeting the criteria as follows:a. The government support shall be expressed by a letter issued from a ministry of said government, addressed to the Chair of the Council who will forward it to the Board of Directors for verification.b. This letter shall explicitly state that the applicant is in charge of the management and/or coordination of the provision of HPC services and is appointed and supported to represent the country in the PRACE aisbl.

3. Admittance procedure

The admittance of Adhering Members to the Association shall follow the process laid out in this section.

1. A legal person becomes a candidate through a letter to the Chair of the Council, signed by a duly authorized representative, in which it states its interest in adhering to the Association.

2. PRACE aisbl (through its Board of Directors) will verify the eligibility of the legal person according to the criteria specified in section 1. To simplify this task, the candidate should supply along with the letter supporting information, in particular to give evidence for the legal personality of the candidate organization and the authorization of the representative signing the request for membership. For this verification, the Board of Directors may request additional information from the candidate.

3. The Board of Directors informs the candidate about the result of the evaluation.a. In case of a positive result, the candidate is provided with an adhering member application package, consisting of copies of the Statutes, the Agreement for the initial period (excluding confidential Annexes such as the Procurement Plan), the Internal Regulations of the association, a description of the information to be provided by the candidate, a schedule and deadlines for the further steps and other information that it may find relevant, such as the amount of the membership fee.b. A negative result shall be confirmed or revised by the Council. If the negative result is confirmed, the candidate will be notified by the Board of the Council about the rejection.

4. In case of a positive result, the candidate provides to the Chair of the Councila. A letter with a formal request for membership.b. A letter from the government according to the criteria specified in section 2 above.c. A document explaining the management and/or coordination of HPC services in the country and its own role in this.

5. The Board of Directors examines the provided documentation for compliance with the criteria defined in section 2. For that purpose it may request further documentation from the candidate.a. In case of a positive result, the candidate is invited to the next meeting of the Council.b. In case of a negative result the Council will discuss the application in its next meeting in the absence of the candidate and decide about further steps to be taken, including but not limited to requesting further documentation, rejecting the application or inviting the candidate to a Council meeting.

6. After a positive outcome of the previous step the candidate will be invited to a Council meeting. In this meetinga. The candidate presents its application.b. The Council votes on the request for membership.c. The statutes of the PRACE aisbl require a unanimous approval for the admission of new members. In case of such a unanimous approval, the admission documents are signed.

7. In case of refusal of the application, the candidate is notified in writing by the Board of the Council.

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