• SHAPE Programme

  •  shape_logo.pngSHAPE, the SME HPC Adoption Programme in Europe is a pan-European, PRACE-based programme supporting HPC adoption by SMEs. The Programme aims to raise awareness and equip European SMEs with the expertise necessary to take advantage of the innovation possibilities opened up by High Performance Computing (HPC), thus increasing their competitiveness.

    HPC is a powerful technology that can enable the development of new products or services, reduce time-to-market and cost of R&D or increase quality. The opportunities opened up by HPC are vast and an increasing number of SMEs turn to HPC in order to create new business opportunities.

    The Programme will help European SMEs overcome barriers to using HPC, such as cost of operation, lack of knowledge and lack of resources. It will facilitate the process of defining a workable solution based on HPC and defining an appropriate business model.

    For questions about the PRACE SHAPE Programme, contact SHAPE Team.

  • Featured ImageSHAPE Second Call Awards 11 Innovative Projects (Press Releases SHAPE 2nd Call Press Releases & Announcements)

    After the success of the SHAPE Pilot Call in 2014, the PRACE Council decided to make SHAPE a permanent service of the PRACE Research Infrastructure. A second call for applications was launched on 10 November 2014 and closed on 15 January 2015. A Selection Committee consisting of representatives of the PRACE Industrial Advisory Committee (IAC), the PRACE Board of Directors (BoD) and the PRACE IP Project reviewed all applications and awarded 11 innovative projects submitted by European SMEs access to PRACE Tier-0 systems.

  • Featured ImageIDC Awards SHAPE-user Nexio Simulation (Press Releases SHAPE Pilot Call Press Releases & Announcements)

    On 18 November 2014, International Data Corporation (IDC) announced the eighth round of recipients of the HPC Innovation Excellence Award at the SC’14 high performance computing (HPC) conference in New Orleans, Louisiana. Two sets of winners are announced each year, at the November SC conference in the U.S. and the June ISC HPC conference in Germany. This round saw a second winner from PRACE SHAPE, after the award for Thesan in June.

  • Featured ImagePRACE SHAPE and Albatern: producing power from waves (Industrial stories Press Releases SHAPE Pilot Highlights Success stories)

    Albatern’s wave power generation product consists of buoyant Squid modules which have three arms and are capable of linking with up-to three other Squids. The Squid modules and their link-arms contain mechanisms to generate power, capturing the heave and surge motion of the waves via hydraulics. In this way, Albatern an innovative Scottish SME of 15 engineers has developed a highly scalable, modular wave power generator. Albatern’s project supported by PRACE SHAPE marked the start of the development of a physics code capable of simulating and predicting the power of a large scale Wavenet array (100 or more devices).

  • PRACE SHAPE and NEXIO SIMULATION: Amping up electromagnetic modelling (Industrial stories SHAPE Pilot Highlights Success stories)

    NEXIO SIMULATION is a French SME and subsidiary of Nexio Group, develops electromagnetic simulation software called CAPITOLE-EM to study the electromagnetic behaviour of any product during the design process, before the manufacturing phase. After a first step performed locally in France using the HPC-PME initiative, their PRACE SHAPE Project has allowed them by accessing to HPC resources and expertise in HPC and numerical simulation to jump from a personal computer version of this software to an HPC version.

  • Featured ImagePRACE Launches Second Call for Applications under SHAPE (Press Releases SHAPE 2nd Call SHAPE 2nd Call Press Releases & Announcements SHAPE Programme)

    SHAPE (SME HPC Adoption Programme in Europe) is a pan-European programme supported by PRACE. The Programme aims to raise awareness and provide European SMEs with the expertise necessary to take advantage of the innovation possibilities created by High-Performance Computing (HPC), thus increasing their competitiveness. The programme allows SMEs to benefit from the expertise and knowledge developed within the top-class PRACE Research Infrastructure.

  • PRACE SHAPE and OPTIMA Pharma: for cleaner clean rooms (Industrial stories Industry Access SHAPE SHAPE Pilot Highlights Success stories)

    OPTIMA pharma GmbH, the pharma division of OPTIMA packaging group GmbH, produces and develops filling and packaging machines for pharmaceutical products – sterile and non-sterile liquids – and pharmaceutical freeze drying systems as well as isolator (clean room) and containment technology. Their project supported by SHAPE simulated the airflow in clean rooms to make them even cleaner.