ICHEC – Irish Centre for High-End Computing

The Irish Centre for High-End Computing (ICHEC) is the national High-PerformanceComputing centre in Ireland. It was established in late 2005 under the aegis of theNational University of Ireland, Galway. With its 19 staff, including ten research-activecomputational scientists, ICHEC is pursuing an active policy of engagement andcollaboration with the research community to support the development ofinternationally competitive computational modelling and world-class research acrossall the main disciplines. In its relatively short existence, ICHEC has supported a totalof 234 projects and 258 researchers.

ICHEC has developed strong credentials in GPGPU programming (4 staff) andCapability Computing. Our Capability Computing development programme inparticular, has led to a large number of successful applications to the PRACEprototype access scheme, and excellent results, including the ability of one of ourresearchers to run his application on the full JUGENE supercomputer (i.e. on294,912 cores, and with 67% parallel efficiency). This result in itself confirms theeffectiveness of ICHEC’s policy of engagement, and the relevance and accessibilityof the PRACE infrastructure for Irish researchers.

ICHEC is hosted by the National University of Ireland, Galway (NUI Galway).

Since its establishment in 1845, NUI Galway has developed a distinguished record inscholarship and research. With over 160 years experience of academic excellence,the university is one of Ireland’s foremost educational institutions. Starting from asmall base of 68 students in the 1840’s, NUI Galway is now home to almost 17,000students from over 90 countries around the world.

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