Interesting BoFs at SC16

Tuesday 15 November 2016

Women in HPC: How to build diverse teams for more effective research?
Primary Session Leader: Toni Collis
Most of us recognize that diverse teams are good for productivity and output. But do you know how to improve diversity and build a more inclusive environment? Have you ever heard of unconscious bias, stereotype threat, or imposter syndrome? Do you ever feel like you aren’t good enough to be in the community or feel like a ‘fraud’?
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Wednesday 16 November 2016

European Exascale Projects and Their International Collaboration Potential
Primary Session Leader: Jean-François Lavignon
The European HPC technology and application projects will showcase their work, aiming to seed new collaborations with international partners, to accelerate progress in exascale R&D.
More details here.

Women in HPC: Intersectionality
Primary Session Leader: Rebecca Hartman-Baker
There are many groups that are under-represented in the HPC community, including women and African-Americans, but particularly poorly represented are those that fall into the intersection of two or more underrepresented groups.
More details here.

HPC Outreach: Promoting Supercomputing to the Next Generation
Primary Session Leader: Nick Brown
The goal of outreach is to promote HPC and our science research to the general public. In order to encourage the next generation of scientists and inform the public why “HPC matters”, we need to carefully design outreach activities to have maximum impact.
More details here.

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