IUCC – Inter-University Computation Center

Inter-University Computation Center (IUCC) is a non-profit organisation founded in 1984 by Israel’s eight universities,  which are supported by the national Planning and Budget Committee of the Council for Higher Education. IUCC operates Israel’s NREN. The IUCC communications network serves some 25,000 academic faculty members, about 160,000 students in the eight universities, and several thousand students in regional colleges and teacher-training colleges.

IUCC is the official NREN for Israel and is a member of  GÉANT  and Vi-SEEM projects. IUCC formerly operated the High Performance Computing Unit (HPCU) in Israel and has the Israeli government mandate for representing Israel in matters related to supercomputing. The Israeli government has recently planned the addition of a supercomputer for academic research purposes and is in the process of establishing professional services for academic and research purposes in support of high performance computing and Grid applications.


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