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  • PRACE Fact Sheets provide a quick overview of PRACE, its operations, its impact and HPC in general. See also the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).


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    What is HPC? Fact Sheets What is HPC Nov 2015-TN
    What is PRACE?
    PRACE for Society Fact Sheets PRACE for Society Nov 2015-TN
    PRACE Summer of HPC Fact-Sheets-PRACE-Summer-of-HPC-April-2017-TN
    PRACE Training & Education Fact-Sheets-PRACE-Traning-Education-April-2016-TN
    PRACE for Industry Fact-Sheets-PRACE-Supports-Industry-April-2016-TN
    PRACE Success Stories Fact-Sheets-PRACE-Success-Stories-April-2016-TN
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