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  • Interesting videos on PRACE and from HPC events.

  • ISC’13 Videos (PRACE@ISC13 Videos)

    PRACE HPC ResourcesInterview of Stephane Requena during ISC´13 about the Access to PRACE HPC Resources PRACE HPC TrainingInterview of Giovanni Erbacci during ISC´13 about the HPC Training for SMEs Presentation of PRACEGabriel Staffelbach, Cerfacs video of combustion simulations video made during ISC13 and PRACE Scientific seminar. Presentation of PRACEProf. Modesto Orozco´s video made during ISC13 […]

  • Videos about PRACE (Videos)

    Introduction to supercomputing: Perspectives and opportunities HPC is defined and introduced as a logical extension of scientists’ and researchers’ efforts to find answers to the big questions of life and to understand the phenomena, processes and laws of the Universe and of Nature. Emphasis is put on further important scientific breakthroughs. Presentation of PRACE By […]