PRACE Sponsors 2015 MEP Award for ICT

Each year, The Parliament Magazine presents Awards to Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) who have made special efforts or achieved outstanding results in their portfolio(s). Each Award has a specific topic and is sponsored by an organisation (NGOs and international associations) that is active in that specific field or has a special interest in the topic.

The 2015 MEP Awards were presented on 18 March 2015. PRACE sponsored the new Award on ICT.

Please fast-forward to minute 7:39 to see and hear Anwar Osseyran, Vice-Chair of the PRACE Council.

This sponsorship comes at an auspicious time, as this year, new MEPs were elected and they will be looking for information and connections with organisations related to their work and interest: PRACE will be in an ideal position to establish itself as the research infrastructure for HPC in Europe in the minds of the newly elected MEPs,” said Sanzio Bassini, Chair of the PRACE Council. “Sponsorship of the ICT Award will allow our Pan-European Research Infrastructure to become more widely known, and consequently also the benefits of using HPC and numerical simulation to strengthen the competitiveness of research and industry,” he added”

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About the MEP Awards

Now in their 11th year, the Parliament Magazine‘s annual MEP awards bring together members of the European parliament and EU stakeholders to celebrate the work and highlight the outstanding achievements of both new and returning MEPs.


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