MSc in Technical Communication, RWTH Aachen University, Germany

Education opportunity: MSc

Academic institution: RWTH Aachen University

Country: Germany

Title: Technical Communication

Short description:
Technical Communication is an interdisciplinary course of study combining liberal arts with an engineering education and training. This course of study prepares transfer specialists who can present complex technical facts clearly, and appropriate for the target group and media. Housed at a technology university, this course of study bridges the gap between the liberal arts and technological/scientific ways of thinking. In Germany, the Technical Communication course of study is unique in its focus and structure. It is strongly characterized by the technology orientation of the university and the integration of the Faculty of Philosophy in this context.

Degree Content: The course includes a high percentage of engineering classes, combined with a focus on written communication and electronic media. Students take two equally weighted subjects: Communication Studies and Fundamentals of Computer Science.

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