The Most Innovative Industrial HPC Application in Europe

Open Competition at the 4th PRACE Industrial Seminar
16th & 17th April 2012, Bologna, Italy

The objective of this contest is to award the boldest industrial HPC application – we want to see how far one can take this technology in changing the present paradigms of European industry. This competition is open to all fields of HPC.

The conditions are as follows:

  • It is not necessary to take part in the seminar in order to participate in the Competition
  • The solution must pertain to industry, i.e. it must be possible to apply it in an industrial context with clear benefits – there must be a market potential for that kind of solution
  • The solutions must represent some level of implementation maturity – we are not looking just for ideas but rather for working solutions, although we will also accept those in early implementation stages

The applicants will be required to provide up to three pages description of the solution submitted together with current results and some further interesting applications. There will be an application form available at registration to facilitate this process with the following paragraphs:

  • Who applies? – Brief introduction of the company together with a contact person
  • What is it? – Functional description, application field and market potential; how does it work? – The technological process involved, the uniqueness of the selected solution
  • Why has HPC been chosen as the technological vehicle and how has it been implemented?
  • What are the benefits to the industrial user in terms of competitive advantage?

Award criteria:

  • Novelty and originality
  • Clear benefit for industry
  • Maturity and market perspectives


  • Free entry to the PRACE Day and the next International Supercomputing Conference 2012, 17-21 June 2012, Hamburg, Germany and a free featured article in the next PRACE Digest.

The award will be approved by a Jury with the following members:

  • The team of Work Package 5/WP9 of PRACE- 1IP and a representative of PRACE Scientific Steering Committee.


  1. Collect applications and all data necessary prior to the seminar
  2. Have the jury make a decision prior to the seminar
  3. Invite the winner to the seminar (if they are not coming anyway)
  4. Announce the result at seminar end and award the prize

Application and registration: Registration for this competition is closed now. For any queries please contact is2012-info (at)

Follow this link for more information on the Fourth PRACE Executive Industrial Seminar.