PRACE Autumn School: Modern HPC Development for Scientists and Engineers

56 international researchers, scientists and students participated in the PRACE Autumn School at the Castle of Hagenberg, Austria. The aims were to connect users and developers of HPC research and industry and to provide insight into the development of scalable applications on modern computer architectures, massively parallel systems, and many-integrated-core architectures.

“Modern visualisations and simulations need computational intensive applications, this is where high performance computing is playing an important role for many industrial and also research areas. We point out to the participants how to face the challenges in implementing this”, Professor Wolfgang Schreiner of the RISC (Research Institute for Symbolic Computation) explains. He is the main national coordinator of the European-wide initiative PRACE in Austria.

International Software Competence in Hagenberg

Overall, 38 trainees from Europe attended the lectures of the international speakers of RISC Software GmbH, DCS Computing GmbH (Austria), Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg (Germany), VSB-TU Ostrava (Czech Republic), Johannes Kepler University Linz (Austria) and the Leibniz Supercomputing Centre from Munich (Germany). The participants got deep insight into advanced parallel programming.

“Even the fastest Computer in the world will not come to a conclusion, if the applied software doesn’t use the scope of this computer. We showed the participants of the Autumn School how to efficiently use large-scale computers and exploit parallelism on Multi-Core CPUs”, says Alexander Leutgeb, speaker at the PRACE Spring School 2016 and employee of RISC Software GmbH in Hagenberg.

Solving Problems in Research and Industry with Supercomputers

Key issues of science and society can only be met by bundling all available solution methods. Software solutions are an increasingly important part to solve these problems. For example, in the further exploration of the factors and interactions with climate change, innovations in materials with the help of nanotechnologies, in the development of energy-efficient cars and airplanes, and in the field of life sciences. For these tasks computing power and storage are required, which only can be provided by distributed, massively parallel computer architectures (“High Performance Computing”).

About the Organizers

The PRACE Autumn School 2016 took place on 27 – 30 September 2016 at the Castle of Hagenberg in Austria. The PRACE Seasonal School event was hosted and organised jointly by RISC (Research Institute for Symbolic Computation, Johannes Kepler University Linz and RISC Software GmbH) the national representative of Austria at the Europe-wide Project PRACE, IT4Innovations / VSB-Technical University of Ostrava (Czech Republic) and PRACE.