PRACE 4th Call for Proposals accepted 43 applications and granted 1.134 million core hours on Tier-0 systems: a record!

For the PRACE Project Access 4th Call for Proposals on Tier-0 systems, 1136 million core hours on 5 Tier-0 machines were made available by PRACE hosting members – the largest number of supercomputers for any PRACE call so far. PRACE received 78 applications requesting 1.927 million core hours. The peer review process for the project applications allocated 1134 million core hours to 43 proposals. Researchers awarded access to the infrastructure will start using their allocated core hours from 1st May 2012 until 30th April 2013.

The 43 proposals that were awarded access to the research infrastructure are at the highest level of scientific and technical maturity. The results of these projects will be published in one or more high-quality scientific journals. The proposals demonstrated scientific excellence and focus on topics of major relevance for European research. This underlines the need for Tier-0 resources and an integrated system for access to these resources, as provided by PRACE. The details of the 43 successful applications will be available via or the ‘How to apply’ menu.

The 5 Tier-0 machines available under the 4th Call are: IBM Blue Gene/P “JUGENE” (GCS@Jülich, Germany); Bull Bullx cluster “CURIE” (GENCI@CEA, France); Cray XE6 “HERMIT” (GCS@HLRS, Germany); SuperMUC (GCS@LRZ, Germany); FERMI (CINECA, Italy). SuperMUC and FERMI are currently in their final installation phase, and will become operational in September and August, respectively.

The 5th PRACE Call for Proposals for Project Access opened on 17th April 2012. The computing resources for this call are available from 1st November 2012 to 31st October 2013. The new call will feature additional Tier-0 systems with new computing architectures, with 1336 million core hours available. By end of 2012, the infrastructure will be fully deployed with 6 Tier-0 centres and a computing power of 10 PetaFlops approximately. For more information, see:


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