PRACE Autumn School 2011, 25-27 october 2011, Bruyères-le-Châtel, France

The PRACE Autumn School 2011 will take place, from the 25th to the 27th of October 2011, in France at the Très Grand Centre de Calcul (TGCC) operated by CEA in Bruyères-le-Châtel (near Paris) and where the French CURIE Tier0 system is installed.

CURIE is currently being upgraded with a 1.5 Pflop/s partition of x86 thin nodes, after being extended with a 200 Tflop/s hybrid partition based on the latest NVIDIA M2090 GPUs. Altogether this will lead to a global peak performance of more than 1.8 Pflop/s.

CURIE hybrid partition, which will be opened to European scientists through preparatory access calls before the end of 2011, will be the first large scale hybrid system available into the PRACE RI.

Co-organized by CEA and GENCI, the PRACE Autumn School will focus on advanced hybrid programming and benefit in exclusivity from this brand new CURIE hybrid GPU partition for hands on.

Preliminary programme

Day 1
– Introduction to hybrid CPU/GPU programming ; CURIE presentation
– Methodology: advanced profiling and development of codes
– Hands on

Day 2
– OpenCL from CPU to SSE and GPU
– Tools (1): debugging
– Hands on

Day 3: higher level programming
– Directives (HMPP)
– Tools (2): profiling, libs and environments
– Hands on

The program committee formed by Guillaume Colin de Verdière (CEA), Stéphane Requena (GENCI), Eric Boyer (CINES) and Sadaf Alam (CSCS) will finalize both the agenda and the speaker list by mid-september.

Registration is closed.