PRACE 2016 Digest Special Edition on Industry is out

This year’s Digest offers the reader an interesting variety of industrial PRACE supported projects and their results. In the Editorial Anders Rhod Gregersen, Chief Specialist at Vestas Wind Systems A/S (Denmark) and Chair of the PRACE Industrial Advisory Committee highlighted the importance for European companies to have access to PRACE infrastructure. The PRACE SHAPE programme offers European SME’s the resources of PRACE High Performance Computing to increase their competitiveness. This is the second time the PRACE Digest focus on Industry.

The PRACE 2016 Digest on HPC on Industry contains twelve in-depth articles on important research projects carried out by European companies using supercomputing resources allocated to them by PRACE. These include projects in conjunction with academia and in the framework of the PRACE SME HPC Adoption Programme in Europe (SHAPE). These initiatives are part of PRACE’s commitment to improving European competitiveness and economic growth through advanced computing.

“The support and the time on supercomputers we received from PRACE has been invaluable. (…) I think the fact that industry can collaborate on open science projects such as this is a real game changer” emphasized by Marc Bianciotto, industrial drug designer at Sanofi (France). Read the entire article on pages 20-21.

“Many experiments have already been performed on national (Tier-1) systems to assess scaling of the proto-applications, but to approximate exascale, PRACE’ Tier-0 systems are currently the best options since they allow us to get insight into the exascale bottlenecks. This is why working with PRACE has been essential for our work” said Tom Vander Aa, EXA2CT European project involving researchers from academia and industry. Read more about the results on pages 12-13.

“The SHAPE project allowed me to test my simulations as well as receive guidance and support from the staff at PRACE resource” state Tobias Loose, Ingenieurbüro Tobias Loose (ITL, a German SME), Read more about the results on pages 8-9.

This PRACE 2016 Digest features the results of research using PRACE-allocated HPC resources for research in the micromechanics of biocomposites, welding simulations, heat transfer in high-pressure turbines, drug discovery, exascale computing, simulating steel castings, gravity-driven bubbly flows, agriculture, nanodevices, combustor and turbine simulations, wind  energy and turbomachinery simulations.


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