• PRACE Projects and Outcomes

  • Since 2008, the deployment of the PRACE Research Infrastructure is complemented and supported by FP7 and H2020 funded projects that prepared the creation of the PRACE RI (PRACE-PP) and now support and accelerate the implementation of the PRACE RI, in technical, organizational and legal aspects (PRACE-1IP, PRACE-2IP, PRACE-3IP, PRACE-4IP).


  • PRACE Fifth Implementation Phase (PRACE-5IP) project (PRACE Implementation Phases)

    The objectives of PRACE-5IP are to build on and seamlessly continue the successes of PRACE and start new innovative and collaborative activities proposed by the consortium. These include: assisting the transition to PRACE2 including ananalysis of TransNational Access; strengthening the internationally recognised PRACE brand; continuing and extend advanced training which so far provided more than […]

  • Unified European Applications Benchmark Suite (PRACE Projects and Outcomes)

    The Unified European Application Benchmark Suite (UEABS) is a set of 12 application codes taken from the pre-existing PRACE and DEISA application benchmark suites to form a single suite, with the objective of providing a set of scalable, currently relevant and publically available codes and datasets, of a size which can realistically be run on large systems, and maintained into the future. This work has been undertaken by Task 7.4 “Unified European Applications Benchmark Suite for Tier-0 and Tier-1” in the PRACE Second Implementation Phase (PRACE-2IP) project and will be updated and maintained by subsequent PRACE Implementation Phase projects.

  • Call for Proposals for DECI-14 (Tier-1) (DECI (Tier-1) Access)

    The DECI-14 call is managed by the PRACE Optional Programme with support from PRACE aisbl. This call is issued jointly with EUDAT. Together, they offer the opportunity to make awards of compute and data resources to projects that also have needs for storage capacity and associated data services. Applicants may apply for both the DECI and EUDAT calls at the same time or may apply to just the DECI call.

    • Opening date: 14 October 2016, 12:00 CEST
    • Closing date: 21 November 2016, 17:00 CET
    • Allocation start date: 03 April 2017
    • Allocation period: 1 year for Project Access
    • Type of access: DECI (Tier-1)