PRACE-ISC Research Poster Award 2017

PRACE sponsored for the first time PRACE-ISC Research Poster Award and the Ceremony. Serge Bogaerts, PRACE Managing Director presented the award on behalf of Erik Lindhal PRACE Scientific Steering Committee chair to Daichi Mukunoki    &     Toshiyuki Imamura RIKEN Advanced Institute for Computational Science, Japan, for their poster:
Implementation and Evaluation of 2.5D Matrix Multiplication on K Computer.
The research work was awarded for presenting following criteria:

  • very high-performing implementation of a new matrix multiplication algorithm significantly beyond the state of the art.
  • strong scaling for a number of linear algebra applications,
  • innovative in designing and exploiting new ideas in the algorithm
  • provide a thorough performance analysis on modern hardware

Congratulations to the winning team.


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