PRACE MOOC: discover and learn more about powerful Supercomputers

How does a Supercomputer work? What are parallel computers and what is parallel computing? How does computer simulation help science and industry to boost their research results? – these questions and many more will be answered and explained by the experts from the Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre (EPCC) at The University of Edinburgh in collaboration with SURFsara from the Netherlands. This free online supercomputing course is developed by the Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe (PRACE), EPCC and SURFsara.
Are you interested? Join the course! Starting date 28 August 2017. Register at:

This course is open to all. Discover and learn more about Supercomputers and their crucial impact on society, science and industry. These powerful calculating machines give scientists and engineers a tool to study the natural world, conducting virtual experiment that are impossible in the real world.

Our course experts will introduce you to what Supercomputers are, how they are used and how we can exploit their full computational potential to make scientific breakthroughs. Be part of this exciting community! Read more about the PRACE MOOC course in cooperation with FutureLearn at:

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