PRACE MOOCs via Future Learn

PRACE has developed two Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and these are hosted on the Future Learn Platform. These are:

  • Supercomputing
    This free online course will introduce you to what supercomputers are, how they are used, how we can exploit their full computational potential to empower scientific breakthroughs.
  • Managing Big Data with R and Hadoop
    This free online course will introduce you to various high performance computing (HPC) facilities for big data analysis such as the R programming language and Hadoop, and how these tools can be used in the most efficient manner.

Both MOOCs are free and periodically re-run – opening for new enrollments in different times of the year. In addition, PRACE will also create new MOOCs.

The next iteration of the Supercomputing MOOC will run on 24th September.

Both of these MOOCs can be found in the following page: