PRACE Preparatory Access

Information on the Call for Proposals for PRACE Preparatory Access.


The Call for Proposals for PRACE Preparatory Access is a continuously open call with regular cut-off dates.

Please read the Terms of Reference here.

The next cut-off dates are:

  • 15th September 2016 (26th cut-off) > 11:00 AM CET

Most recently updated information – 1 September 2016:

PRACE is currently in a transition phase to a new funding and governance model. Unfortunately, this necessitates a temporary reduction in the number of Tier-0 resources currently available.

The computer systems and their operations accessible through PRACE are provided for this 26th cut-off by 4 PRACE members:

  • GCS representing Germany – Hazel Hen (GCS@HLRS), Juqueen (GCS@FZJ), and SuperMUC (GCS@LRZ)
  • CINECA representing Italy – Marconi
  • BSC representing Spain – MareNostrum
  • CSCS representing Switzerland – Piz Daint

will be available.

The indicative schedule of the PRACE Calls for Proposals for Preparatory Access is as follows:

Quarterly cut off dates1st working day of the quarter (March; July; September; December)
Administrative Validation2 working days after the cut-off date
Award Decisionapprox. 30 calendar days after the cut-off date
Access Start DateAccess is provided starting approx. 45 calendar days after the cut-off date.
Please note that access of the December cut-off date may be slightly delayed due to Christmas break

The process to access resources after the communication of the decision on allocation is two-fold:

  • Awardees are asked to confirm their availability and readiness to use the awarded resources during the stated period of time
  • Access is provided after receipt of a positive reply

The allocation decision, including the type of access, start/end dates, duration and the resources awarded is not open for negotiation.

As detailed in the Term of Access of the Call for Proposals, “the award of Preparatory Access proposals of types A, B and C is limited by the amount of resources available. For type C, there are also limitations regarding the availability of the support from experts (in terms of staff hours) and the type of expertise required.”

In case of oversubscription of a particular resource, resources will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis to suitable proposals based on the submission date until the resources are exhausted.

Please read the Terms of Reference here.

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