PRACE Repository Services

The main objective of the repository service is the provision of repositories for European open source scientific libraries and applications.

The repository provides the following tools:

Gitlab: Code repository and continuous integration tool. This is the core of the repository service. Jenkins: Continuous integration system. RedMine: Project management & bug tracking. Trac: Project management & bug tracking.

Web interface

The service URL is

Figure 1: The PRACE Repository Web Interface
Figure 1: The PRACE Repository Web Interface


The access policy has been defined as follows:

  • All PRACE projects users (PRACE users with PRACE allocation hours assigned) have access to the repository.
  • All PRACE researchers/staff (users registered in PRACE LDAP as staff) can ask for creation of new projects inside the repository and have access to it.
  • External users or entities that have some type of collaboration (a signed MoU) with PRACE are eligible to ask for an account in the repository. PRACE BoD can provide access to external entities or projects which are considered strategic.

In order to create projects an account is required. For access requests please contact

Hosting and support

The service is hosted by GRNET, and managed by GRNET and NIIF.


There is a Single Sign On service used by Jenkins, RedMine and Trac. GitLab as of this writing is using its own accounts.

Figure 2: The tools logos
Figure 2: The tools logos

In case of Jenkins, RedMine and Trac, if you click on any of the tools logos, a login page is presented, in which your SSO repository credentials should be filled in. You will be then redirected to the tool main page.

Figure 3: The SSO login page
Figure 3: The SSO login page

In case of GitLab, if you click on the GitLab PRACE logo, the GitLab login page will appear. You should fill in your gitlab credentials and click on the ‘Sign in’ green button. The GitLab main page will appear, where you can manage your projects.

Figure 4: The GitLab login page
Figure 4: The GitLab login page


  • GitLab: "Help" link, usually accessible from the menu that opens on the top right of the page.

  • Jenkins: Official documentation available at

  • Redmine: "Help" link on the top left of the page, leads to

  • Trac: "Help/Guide" link, on the top right of the page.

PRACE GitLab Groups

As of this writing, two main PRACE Groups have been created within GitLab, CodeVault and UEABS. If you require membership to one of these groups, you have to contact the group administrators.