PRACE Scientific Conference 2012

Slides from PRACE Scientific Conference 2012 are available for download below.

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09:00 ‐ 09:15 Welcome
Richard Kenway, Chair of PRACE Scientific Steering Committee & Conference Chairman
09:15 ‐ 09:45 PRACE: computing for scientific breakthroughs
Maria Ramalho, Chairman of the Board of Directors, PRACE AISBL
09:45 ‐ 10:15 The European HPC Strategy
Kostas Glinos, Head of Unit “GÉANT & e‐Infrastructure”, European Commission
10:45 ‐ 11:30 A Fast and Scalable Low Dimensional Solver for Charged Particle Dynamics inLarge Particle Accelerators
Yves Ineichen, Paul Scherrer Institut , PRACE Award Winner
11:30 ‐ 12:00 Excess proton at water/hydrophobic interfaces: A Car‐Parrinello MD study
Paolo Carloni, German Research School for Simulation Sciences GmbH
12:00 ‐ 12:30 A dislocation dynamics study of dislocation cell formation and interactionbetween a low angle grain boundary and an in‐coming dislocation   
Bing Liu, Max‐Planck‐Institut für Eisenforschung
13:30 ‐ 14:15 PRACE User Forum with Q&A
Chairman: Turlough Downes
14:15 ‐ 14:45 Droplet growth by coalescence in turbulent clouds: kinetics, fluctuations, anduniversality
Jeremie Bec, Observatoire de la Côte d’Azur
14:45 ‐ 15:15 Predictive full‐scale fast ignition with PW plasma amplified laser pulses
Ricardo Fonseca, Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon
15:45 ‐ 16:15 Turbulent entrainment due to a plume impinging on a density interface
Maarten van Reeuwijk, Imperial College London
16:15 ‐ 16:45 Ab initio Simulations of Turbulence in Fusion Plasmas
Frank Jenko, Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics
16:45 ‐ 17:00 Closing Remarks
Richard Kenway, Chair of PRACE Scientific Steering Committee & Conference Chairman