PRACE SHAPE Programme supports two further SMEs

SHAPE is a pan-European programme supported by PRACE, which promotes the use of High Performance Computing (HPC) by Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs). Since its establishment, SHAPE has helped 39 companies to benefit from using HPC in their business.

We are very pleased to announce that, following the sixth call for applications to SHAPE, two more SMEs will be collaborating with PRACE.

The SMEs will be allocated access to HPC resources and HPC expertise so they can develop their HPC experience and ultimately enhance their business. The two SMEs are:

  • Axyon AI SRL (Italy) “Axyon Platform Optimisation”: The SME has a proprietary deep learning platform (Axyon Platform) targeted at financial problems, which allows for the rapid development of highly-accurate predictive models. The aims of the project are to enhance their platform and enable them to offer solutions and services that involve very large datasets.
  • Vision-e S.r.l. (Italy) “Deep Tile Inspection”: The SME focusses on the study, design and development of computer vision systems and algorithms. They customise solutions for industrial applications, specifically for quality inspection purposes. They have developed software for a ceramic tile inspection system which uses computer vision to detect surface defects of tiles on a production line. The goal of the project is to move to a deep learning approach and fully automate the process. This will enable the SME to offer more effective services to their customers.

As always with SHAPE, it is encouraging to see the diverse range of subject areas and fields that the programme works with.

These two new projects are expected to begin collaborating with PRACE in February 2018.