PRACE Spring School 2017 – HPC for Life Sciences, registration is open

The mission of the 2017 PRACE Spring School is to give a comprehensive introduction to several of the widely used life science software that is available on the PRACE HPC systems, as well as discussing the scalability of the software and performance issues, and teaching best practices on HPC systems that have been observed during PRACE research activities. Extensive hands-on sessions will cover more than half of time during the school. The computer laboratories at KTH that will be used during the course have been updated with all the necessary software and are connected to the PRACE Tier­‐1 system Beskow, which is situated at the PDC Center for High-Performance Computing at KTH. Beskow is the largest Tier-1 system within the Nordic countries.

The school is being organized as a collaboration between the Swedish National Infrastructure for Computing (SNIC), represented by KTH, and the BioExcel Center of Excellence for Biomolecular research.

The four days of the school will cover the following topics.

  • HPC Simulations with NAMD
  • HPC Simulations with GROMACS
  • HPC Simulations with AMBER
  • Visualization with VMD

Please find further details and the registration link here.