• PRACE Training events

  • The PRACE RI is open to all European researchers affiliated with recognized European academic institutions and industries.

    The aim of PRACE RI Training is to provide a sustained, high-quality training and education service for the European HPC community through seasonal schools, workshops and scientific and industrial seminars, in order to effectively exploit the unprecedented capabilities of HPC resources of RI.

    Guiding principle in developing the training and educational programs is the compliance with the educational needs of the researchers, thorough understanding of their existing skills and competencies.


  • Advanced Fortran Topics @ LRZ (Past PATC Courses)

    This course is targeted at scientists who wish to extend their knowledge of Fortran beyond what is provided in the Fortran 95 standard. Some other tools relevant for software engineering are also discussed.

  • Efficient Parallel IO on ARCHER @ EPCC (Past PATC Courses)

    Please note this course will be held in Daresbury:
    STFC Daresbury Laboratory
    Sci-Tech Daresbury
    WA4 4AD
    One of the greatest challenges to running parallel applications onlarge numbers of processors is how to handle file IO: …

  • Node-level Performance Engineering@ HLRS (Past PATC Courses)

    This course teaches performance engineering approaches on the compute node level. "Performance engineering" as we define it is more than employing tools to identify hotspots and bottlenecks. It is about developing a thorough understanding of …

  • Message-Passing Programming with MPI @ EPCC (Past PATC Courses)

    The world’s largest supercomputers are used almost exclusively to run applications which are parallelised using Message Passing. The course covers all the basic knowledge required to write parallel programs using this programming model, and is direct…

  • HPC Computer Aided Engineering @ CINECA (Past PATC Courses)

    The course on Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) is a graduate level, 3 days course. The aim of the course is to present to the participants, from a technical perspective, the key subjects and tools on CAE workflow with a focus on their usability on mode…