Pracecall: 16th

16th Call for Proposals for Project Access

The PRACE 16th Call for Proposals for Project Access was open until 21 November, 10:00 CEST. The Terms of Reference can be found here. The Technical Guidelines for Applicants can be found here. The Project Scope and Plan template can be found here.
PRACE systems that were available in this Call:
System Architecture Site (Country) Core Hours (node hours) Minimum request
Curie and its successor Irene - SKL Bull Bullx cluster / Bull Sequana (starting service in 2H 2018) GENCI@CEA (FR) 128 million (3.9 million) 15 million core hours
Irene - KNL BULL Sequana (starting service in 2H 2018) GENCI@CEA (FR) 57 million (0.8 million) 15 million core hours
Hazel Hen Cray XC40 System GCS@HLRS (DE) 70 million (2.9 million) 35 million core hours
Juqueen successor Multicore cluster GCS@JSC (DE) 70 million (tbd) 35 million core hours
Marconi-Broadwell Lenovo System CINECA (IT) 36 million (1 million) 15 million core hours
Marconi-KNL Lenovo System CINECA (IT) 442 million (6.5 million) 30 million core hours
MareNostrum Lenovo System BSC (ES) 475 million (10 million) 15 million core hours
Piz Daint Cray XC50 System CSCS (CH) 510 million (7.5 million) 68 million core hours Use of GPUs
SuperMUC IBM System X iDataplex/ Lenovo NextScale GCS@LRZ (DE) 105 million (6.6 million) 35 million core hours

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Scientific Talk

Interdisciplinary simulations of Fermi superfluids far from equilibrium

ID:2017174125, Leader: Gabriel Wlazłowski, Country:PL

EFluctQCD - Electric charge fluctuations in strongly interacting matter

ID:2017174235, Leader: Christian Schmidt, Country:DE

Energy Transfer across Boundary Layers in the Earth’s Magnetosphere

ID:2017174169, Leader: Takuma Nakamura, Country:AT

MultiSoot-EL - Particle tracking for soot size distribution predictions in LES of gas turbines

ID:2017174218, Leader: Eleonore Riber, Country:FR

MIMOSA HPC Matter Irradiating by beaMs with Orbital angular momentum: Simulations and Applications, HPC

ID:2017174175, Leader: Rachel Nuter, Country:FR

Elucidating chemo-mechanical coupling in myosin biomolecular motor with atomic resolution

ID:2017174232, Leader: Marco Cecchini, Country:FR

Eulerian and Lagrangian Plasma Simulations of Kinetic Turbulence ELPS

ID:2017174107, Leader: Francesco Califano, Country:IT

TRAAD - TRansonic Airfoil AeroDynamics

ID:2017174149, Leader: Prof Neil Sandham, Country:UK

HiResNTCP: High-resolution near-term climate predictions

ID:2017174177, Leader: Francisco Doblas-Reyes, Country:ES

First Principles Simulations of Proton-Irradiated Ices

ID:2017174184, Leader: Daniel Muñoz-Santiburcio, Country:ES

XchangePH - Exact Exchange effects on anharmonic vibrational spectra

ID:2017174186, Leader: Matteo Calandra, Country:FR

SOLeCORE — Self-Organisation from SOL to CORE in Magnetised Turbulent Plasmas

ID:2017174223, Leader: Guilhem Dif-Pradalier, Country:FR

HFlavLat - Precision Heavy Flavour Physics from Lattice QCD

ID:2017174233, Leader: Carlos Pena, Country:ES

ReSuMPTiOn - Revealing SubMesoscale Processes and Turbulence in the Ocean

ID:2017174148, Leader: Laurent Brodeau, Country:FR

Relics of cosmic reionization and dark matter free-streaming in the Lyman-alpha forest

ID:2017174176, Leader: Ewald Puchwein, Country:UK

Mechanochemical coupling in the rotary cycle of F1FO-ATPase

ID:2017174213, Leader: Jacek Czub, Country:PL

Conformational dynamics, assembly and inhibition of GPCR oligomers

ID:2017174234, Leader: Nicolas Floquet, Country:FR

Towards an atlas of pockets on the kinome

ID:2017174168, Leader: Sergio Decherchi, Country:IT

The chiral limit in (2+1)-flavor QCD

ID:2017174138, Leader: Dr. Olaf Kaczmarek, Country:DE

FWING - Future smart Wing design

ID:2017174208, Leader: Marianna Braza, Country:FR

NEWA-ProRun: New European Wind Atlas Production Run

ID:2017174128, Leader: Andrea Hahmann, Country:DK

CIMS-EHres - Convection In Massive Stars, going to Extremely-High resolution simulations of stellar interiors

ID:2017174145, Leader: Cyril Georgy, Country:CH

In silico drug trials in the beating ischaemic human heart

ID:2017174226, Leader: Blanca Rodriguez, Country:UK

PEROMAT - Electronic and charge transfer properties of perovskites

ID:2017174219, Leader: Kari Laasonen, Country:FI

Large-scale SUSY phenomenology with GAMBIT

ID:2017174151, Leader: Pat Scott, Country:UK

MOST-SEA The mechanics of sediment transport under sea waves

ID:2017174199, Leader: Giovanna Vittori, Country:IT

DynamcIs - Role of protein, lipid and water dynamics in the mechanism and function of mitochondrial complex I (cI)

ID:2017174165, Leader: Vivek Sharma, Country:FI

LDbud - Lipid Droplet Biogenesis

ID:2017174203, Leader: Stefano Vanni, Country:CH


ID:2017174185, Leader: Francesco Picano, Country:IT

SHP2-ReM-MD - The regulatory mechanism of the SHP-2 protein: a Molecular Dynamics investigation.

ID:2017174118, Leader: Gianfranco Bocchinfuso, Country:IT

Molecular view on assembly and disassembly of the signaling complex consisting of the human β2-adrenergic receptor and its cognate G protein

ID:2017174214, Leader: Kristyna Pluhackova, Country:CH

ROHITU - Roughness in highly turbulent Taylor-Couette and Rayleigh-Bénard flows.

ID:2017174146, Leader: Detlef Lohse, Country:NL

OPTEL2D Opto-electronic properties of 2D Transition Metal Dichalcogenides with DFT and post-DFT simulations

ID:2017174181, Leader: Maurizia Palummo, Country:IT

CPCROR - Characterization of the pressure fluctuation developing over an airfoil and a 3D CROR blade for the prediction of trailing edge noise.

ID:2017174204, Leader: Bodart Julien, Country:FR

NANOMOTION - Monolayer protected gold nanoparticles, on the move: Toward the design of nanoparticles with programmed recognition abilities

ID:2017174217, Leader: Marco De Vivo, Country:IT

Acoustic surface plasmon in vicinal Au surfaces from first principle electron energy loss spectra simulations

ID:2017174202, Leader: Nathalie Vast, Country:FR

VIVALdI-HPC of Vortex Induced VibrAtions for flow controL and energy harvestIng.

ID:2017174222, Leader: Oriol Lehmkuhl, Country:ES

MENHIRS - Mainstay Ensemble of Nyx HI Reionization Simulations

ID:2017174242, Leader: Jose Onorbe, Country:UK

ALISIOS - Advanced controL of wInd farm uSing computatIOnal fluid dynamicS

ID:2017174200, Leader: Paolo Schito, Country:IT

Shining a light through the dark ages

ID:2017174119, Leader: Pierre Ocvirk, Country:FR

Large Eddy Simulations of Compressor Turbulence

ID:2017174238, Leader: Luca di Mare, Country:UK

DEFMAT - Defect Chemistry in Electrochemical Materials

ID:2017174137, Leader: Ulrich Aschauer, Country:CH

New approaches in radiotherapy: hadron minibeam radiation therapy

ID:2017174196, Leader: Yolanda Prezado, Country:FR

SPOTSIM - Spot-forming convection simulations

ID:2017174174, Leader: Petri Kapyla, Country:DE