Pracecall: 17th

17th Call for Proposals for Project Access

The PRACE 17th Call for Proposals for Project Access was open until 02 May 2018, 10:00 CEST. The Terms of Reference can be found here. The Technical Guidelines for Applicants can be found here. The Project Scope and Plan template can be found here.
PRACE systems that were available in this Call:
System Architecture Site (Country) Core Hours (node hours) Minimum request
Joliot Curie - SKL BULL Sequana X1000 GENCI@CEA (FR) 142 million (3 million) 15 million core hours
Joliot Curie - KNL BULL Sequana X1000 GENCI@CEA (FR) 101 million (1.5 million) 15 million core hours
JUWELS BULL Sequana X1000 GCS@JSC (DE) 70 million (1.5 million) 35 million core hours
Marconi-Broadwell Lenovo System CINECA (IT) 36 million (1 million) 15 million core hours
Marconi-KNL Lenovo System CINECA (IT) 610 million (9 million) 30 million core hours
MareNostrum Lenovo System BSC (ES) 240 million (5 million) 30 million core hours
Piz Daint Cray XC50 System CSCS (CH) 510 million (7.5 million) 68 million core hours Use of GPUs
SuperMUC-NG Lenovo ThinkSystem GCS@LRZ (DE) 125 million (2.2 million) 35 million core hours

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Scientific Talk

PROSPeCt - Pore-Resolving Simulation of turbulent flow in Porous Channels

ID:2018184468, Leader: Sergio Pirozzoli, Country:IT

PlanetsInBed - Embedded planets in wind-driven discs

ID:2018184405, Leader: Colin McNally, Country:UK

PLepNuGam - Radiative leptonic decays of light and heavy pseudoscalar mesons from Lattice QCD

ID:2018184394, Leader: Roberto Frezzotti, Country:IT

PULSAR - Plasma physics of ultra high fields in neutron stars

ID:2018184464, Leader: Luis Silva, Country:PT

TAPES - Turbulence in Astrophysical Plasmas from fluid to Electron Scales

ID:2018184422, Leader: Giovanni Lapenta, Country:BE

ADRENALINE - hAliDe peRovskites sEqueNtiAL deposItioN mEchanism (by ab initio rare events simulations).

ID:2018184423, Leader: Simone Meloni, Country:IT

eFRAGMENT1 - eFRontiers in dust minerAloGical coMposition and its Effects upoN climaTe, phase 1

ID:2018184470, Leader: Carlos Pérez García-Pando, Country:ES

FROMTON - Particle acceleration in pulsars: FROm the Magnetosphere TO the Nebula

ID:2018184427, Leader: Benoit Cerutti, Country:FR

CryoFARE - Cryogenic Flame Acoustic Response

ID:2018184445, Leader: Thierry POINSOT, Country:FR

TURB-ROT - Inverse and direct cascades in rotating turbulent flows.

ID:2018184374, Leader: Luca Biferale, Country:IT

Targeting Alzheimer's-associated amyloid-beta using small molecules

ID:2018184332, Leader: Michele Vendruscolo, Country:UK

TRICEPS - TRansport ImpliCations of Electron-Phonon Scattering

ID:2018184411, Leader: Feliciano Giustino, Country:UK

SODust - Scattering simulations of Oriented large Dust particles

ID:2018184447, Leader: Vassilis Amiridis, Country:GR

CryptoPocketSim. Understanding the mechanism of cryptic pocket formation at protein-protein interfaces.

ID:2018184448, Leader: Francesco Gervasio, Country:UK

LiLiPlaTE - Light Limited Plankton Population Dynamics in a Turbulent Environment

ID:2018184418, Leader: Filippo De Lillo, Country:IT

TMDs -- Scale dependence of TMDs

ID:2018184451, Leader: Andreas Schaefer, Country:DE

TopBridge - Topology optimization of bridge girders in cable supported bridges

ID:2018184414, Leader: Ole Sigmund, Country:DK

The first luminous objects and reionisation with SPHINX

ID:2018184362, Leader: Joakim Rosdahl, Country:FR

Obelisk - Radiation hydrodynamical simulation of the formation of a proto-cluster

ID:2018184444, Leader: Maxime Trebitsch, Country:FR

Simulating the Euclid Universe

ID:2018184475, Leader: Romain Teyssier, Country:CH

P-TURB - Prandtl number effect on TUrbulent Rayleigh-Bénard convection

ID:2018184426, Leader: Enrico Stalio, Country:IT

QMC-straintronics - Tuning electronic and optical properties of 2D materials via strain

ID:2018184443, Leader: Jaroslav Fabian, Country:DE

Direct Numerical Simulations of Transient Turbulent Autoigniting Jets

ID:2018184434, Leader: Christos Frouzakis, Country:CH

GEE - Gravitational and electromagnetic emission from binary neutron star mergers: from coalescence to jet formation

ID:2018184459, Leader: Carlos Palenzuela, Country:ES

Supported two-dimensional transition metal dichalcogenides under ion irradiation

ID:2018184458, Leader: Mahdi Ghorbani Asl, Country:DE


ID:2018184467, Leader: Maria Ramos, Country:PT

TurEmu - The physics of (turbulent) emulsions

ID:2018184340, Leader: Federico Toschi, Country:NL

IONFAST-Coherent interplay description between thermal and energetic ions in magnetically confined plasmas

ID:2018184403, Leader: Jeronimo Garcia, Country:FR

LESRudProp - LES of the Interaction Between a Rudder and the Wake of a Propeller

ID:2018184409, Leader: Riccardo Broglia, Country:IT

MESP - Modelling Ensembles of Semiconducting Polymers

ID:2018184449, Leader: Alessandro Troisi, Country:UK

Overcoming Bottlenecks in Disordered Kesterite Photovoltaics (KESTPV)

ID:2018184457, Leader: Aron Walsh, Country:UK

DECONVOLVES - Determining watEr COntact aNgle on eVOLving peroVskitEs Surfaces

ID:2018184466, Leader: Alessandro Mattoni, Country:IT

DFCS - Disentangling Degrees of Freedom by Computing Susceptibilities for Strongly Correlated Systems

ID:2018184424, Leader: Mark van Schilfgaarde, Country:UK

MFDUSTY - Multi-fluid dust dynamics in protoplanetary disks

ID:2018184398, Leader: Turlough Downes, Country:IE

MICNA - Mechanisms of ion conduction in sodium channels

ID:2018184455, Leader: Carmen Domene, Country:UK

Realistic cerebellar multi scale network reconstruction

ID:2018184373, Leader: Egidio D'Angelo, Country:IT

MALEDRAG - Machine Learning Optimisation for Drag Reduction in a Turbulent Boundary Layer

ID:2018184381, Leader: Sylvain Laizet, Country:UK

DNS4ICE - DNS for modelling highly diluted and multi-fuel combustion in internal combustion engines

ID:2018184407, Leader: Karine Truffin, Country:FR

SENT_TO_NY - Study of CovEred and functioNalized Tio2 nanostrucTures: the role Of maNy-bodY

ID:2018184435, Leader: Ivan Marri, Country:IT

ESECELS - Electromagnetic Simulations of Extremely Complex and Electrically Large Structures

ID:2018184436, Leader: Franco Moglie, Country:IT

Platinum Reaction Observed by Monte-Carlo for Insight into Sustainable Energy. (PROMISE).

ID:2018184349, Leader: Philip Hoggan, Country:FR

Multiscale simulations of Cosmic Reionization

ID:2018184382, Leader: Ilian Iliev, Country:GB