PRACEdays16 Presentations

Tuesday 10 May 2016

Plenary Sessions

Welcome Sergi Girona, Chair of the PRACE Organising & Planning Committee pdficon
High Performance Computing (HPC): a key element of the European Cloud Initiative Leonardo Flores Añover, Senior Officer, DG Connect, European Commission pdficon
Solving the Mysteries of Supernova Explosions by 3D-Simulations Hans-Thomas Janka, Research Group Leader, Max-Planck-Institute for Astrophysics pdficon
Digital in the Chemical Industry Martin Winter, Innovation Manager, The European Chemical Industry Council pdficon
Beyond Hardware: Scaling Up the Approach to Advanced Research Computing Sharon Broude Geva, Director ARC, University of Michigan  pdficon

Wednesday 11 May 2016

Plenary Sessions

The Research Infrastructure for computational Science in Europe Sanzio Bassini, Chair of the PRACE Council pdficon
National Supercomputing Center-Overview Vit Vondrak, Director, IT4Innovations  pdficon
Digitising European Industry: a key role for Europe’s digital competence centres Max Lemke, Head of Unit for Complex Systems and Advanced Computing
Development of HPC technology to serve the European HPC ecosystem Jean-François Lavignon, Chair ETP4HPC  pdficon
Computer simulation to understand how enzymes work Carme Rovira Virgili, University of Barcelona  pdficon

Industrial Parallel Session 1

High Performance Computing in an Operational Setting Johan Nicolai Hartnack, DHI Group pdficon
HPC Technologies in Product Design Cycle Industrial Parallel Jan Korneta, Borcad CZ s.r.o. pdficon
Numerical Simulation of Complex Physical Phenomena in the Power Industry Industrial Parallel Tomáš Blejchař, Orgrez a.s. pdficon

Industrial Parallel Session 2

Ultra large scale structural optimization – topology optimized wing structure Niels Aage, Technical University of Denmark pdficon
Novel simulations of fuel injection systems investigating spray characteristics by use of high-fidelity multiphase methods and supercomputers Mathis Bode, RWTH Aachen University pdficon
Numerical simulations for plant breeding optimization Industrial Denis Wouters, Cybeletech pdficon

Scientific Parallel Session 1

Magnetic Nulls in Kinetic Simulations of Space Plasmas Giovanni Lapenta (present at the conference was Vyacheslav Olshevsky), KU Leuven pdficon
Cosmic Scene Investigation using HPC Orianne Roos, CEA-Saclay pdficon
DISPATCH: A code framework for the exascale era Åke Nordlund, Niels Bohr Institute University of Copenhagen  pdficon
Multi-scale reionization Ilian Iliev, University of Sussex  pdficon

Scientific Parallel Session 2

Turbulence under rotation: Eulerian and Lagranian statistics Alessandra S. Lanotte, CNR-Institute of Atmospheric Sciences and Climate pdficon
Unravelling wall turbulence with supercomputers Sergio Pirozzoli, University of Rome La Sapienza pdficon
Investigation of nuclear fuel materials under irradiation at the atomic scale Marjorie Bertolus, CEA, DEN, DEC/SESC/LLCC  pdficon

Scientific Parallel Session 3

Molecular Simulation in the Exascale Era Erik Lindahl, Session chair, KTH Royal Institute of Technology pdficon
Controlling and predicting the switchable screw-sense in self-assembling polymers Adriana Pietropaolo, University of Catanzaro pdficon
Membrane Protein Crowding: filling the gap between computations and experiments Matthieu Chavent, University of Oxford pdficon

Scientific Parallel Session 4

The first ensemble of global ocean simulations: the OCCIPUT project Thierry Penduff, CNRS / LGGE pdficon
How much do tides affect the simulated climate of the Mediterranean Sea? Gianmaria Sannino, ENEA, SSPT-MET pdficon
Climate SPHINX: High-resolution climate simulations with an improved representation of small-scale variability Jost von Hardenberg, ISAC-CNR pdficon

User Forum

Koen Hillewaert, Chair of PRACE User Forum Cenaero pdficon
Overview of the PRACE Peer Review Process Richard Tavares, PRACE Peer Review officer, PRACE aisbl pdficon
GÉANT’s support for HPC John Chevers, Chief Business Development
Officer, GÉANT

Thursday 12 May 2016

Plenary Sessions

Extreme-scale Bayesian inverse problems for non-Newtonian geophysical flows Omar Ghattas, The University of Texas at Austin pdficon
HPC from Solver to Economic Impact Merle Giles, NCSA University of Illinois pdficon
Closing Sergi Girona, Chair of the PRACE Organising & Planning Committee pdficon